Maxi-Stamper™II Single Point Gap Frame

Setting new standards for speed, accuracy, and performance


Gap Frame presses ranging from 90 to 300 tons

Designed to state-of-the-art specifications, Maxi-Stamper II offers you exceptional accuracy and performance. This fabricated steel power press is the result of over 60 years of engineering and press building experience. It’s packed with valued standard features such as 8 point gibbing, gears running in oil, hydraulic overload and variable speed drive.



Durable Construction

The Maxi-Stamper II frame is constructed from thick, welded steel plate. It features a reinforced bed and integral bolster to ensure deflection will not exceed .0015” per inch of throat depth.

Front to Back Main Drive

This compact configuration helps minimize deflections within the rigid frame. A one-piece alloy steel driveshaft, running on anti-friction bearings, meshes up with a spur type main gear. It drives a precision ground crankshaft which is solidly supported in the frame.

Quill Mounted Flywheel with Combination Air Clutch and Brake

Maxi-Stamper II’s solenoid-operated air friction clutch and brake is mounted on the flywheel for easy access to parts that routinely need to be replaced, such as frictions pads. This slow inertia unit is designed for maximum heat dissipation, significantly reducing wear due to frequent starts and stops.

8-Point Gibbing

The deep slide design is guided by bronze liners attached to gibs located in each cornder of the slide. The 8 point guiding maintains the tightest bed to slide parrallelism.

Hydraulic Overload Protection

Incorporated in each ball seat (knuckle box) housing is a hydraulic cylinder. When an overload is encountered pressure rises in the cylinder to the setting of the relief valve causing it to open, allowing the oil to flow from the hydraulic cylinder. Because oil can flow out of the cylinder, space becomes available for the ball seat to stroke. This stroking allows the press drive to continue down, while the slide stands still, thus relieving the overload condition. When an overload is sensed a signal is sent to stop the press.



Automatic Lubrication

The press is furnished with an automatic oil recirculating system which keeps all major drive bearings lubricated, as well as gibs and adjusting screws. The system also continuously monitors for pump or electrical failure, low oil level and low line pressure, and stops the press if necessary.

Carbon Fiber Air Counterbalance Cylinders

These ultra-rugged cylinders, an innovative Heim design, offer maximum performance with minimal component wear. Mounted
to the crown structure, they counterbalance the slide, ensuring smooth operation through the entire stroke as well as reducing wear.

Solid State Press Control

This solid-state device is engineered specifically for mechanical power presses.
Two microprocessors perform clutch/brake control logic independently, then cross- communicate to ensure accuracy. Clutch/brake air valve power passes through three separate output relays, which are doublechecked by the dual microprocessors. A built-in motion detector and brake monitor are included in the system, as well as a user-friendly operator interface with color display and keypad.

Link Motion

A link connection is added to the main drive assembly. This connection creates the motion which is a slow down through the working stroke and quick movement through the approach and return cycle of the press stroke. This creates a more efficient press offering increased production speed, consistent slide velocity during draw application, a slower speed when work is contacted and longer die life. Additional benefits to the stamper are a higher quality part, less snap through shock, less noise and vibration in the press and allows for a more versatile range for stamping applications.


Also known as solid frame, straight side frame is offered for users who need a more rigid frame requirement than the deflections associated with a “C” frame press. This frame has a bed deflection of .0015” per foot of bed area. This frame design coupled with the 8 point slide guiding system offers an extremely rigid frame with minimal deflection and tight bed to slide parallelism for running close tolerance dies.

Heim Presses are built for demanding applications for the metal-forming industry. They’re equipped with an extensive list of must-have features for maximum performance and reliability. Available models range from 90 to 1,000 ton capacity.